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Make home office easy!

With SWISS SECURIUM®, ALPEIN Software offers an all-in-one platform with the complete IT infrastructure for the digital connection of any home offices. Realise flexible communication and collaboration of geographically separated workplaces, i.e. home offices, on a common digital cloud-based secure platform in the simplest way.

  1. Home office foundations
    • Make a change to the new, cost-effective home office option.
    • All important processes are digitized and carried out with the highest efficiency.
    • Location-independent (remote) home office workstations.
    • Save high costs for stationary building units and their equipment and react more flexibly to personnel fluctuation.
  2. IT equipment and communication technology
    • Equip the home office workstation with a PC or laptop.
    • Choose the facilities to organise the fully functional workplace: software, printer, Internet connection, telephone, headset and office equipment.
    • Use the right tools for remote work, communication and web conferences:
       - Virtual desktop for flexible and secure task completion, which keeps data safe within the company.
       - Messenger for quick chats, audio and video calls and conference service to provide smooth teamwork.
       - Password manager for easy password storage and sharing within the company.
       - Email service for secure mailing
  3. ALPEIN Software product portfolio
    The entire range of services for home office, secure communication and data exchange and storage on one platform:
    • Remote Desktop
    • Instant Messenger
    • Data exchange
    • Video conference
    • E-mail Service
    • Password Manager

    Get the implementation advice from the ALPEIN Software upon request.
  4. Organizational and administrative preparation
    • Be transparent with everyone involved about home office workers and regulate communication.
    • Make general structural and procedural foundations as well as entrepreneurial framework conditions, management guidelines, corporate identity rules accessible to working from home employees.
    • All employees of the entire company should know the current corporate structure in order to ensure smooth contact maintenance at all times in daily practice.
    • Define Tasks, ToDo’s, Competencies, Decision permissions and goals for the home offices and transfer them to home or remote employees.
    • Create a basic skill set for recruiting home office employees.
    • Define processing and deployment requirements for home office employees in the form of work instructions.
  5. Manage your own home office
    • Create the basis for digitized work in the home office.
       > A comfortable workplace situation creates wonders!
    • Control your own efforts with self-management.
    • Stay up to date by attending meetings and maintaining contact with colleagues.
    • Strict compliance with security principles when working with the Internet, software and files.
  6. Private life and home office
    • Bring variety to everyday home office routine.
    • Practice self-discipline, avoid apathy in everyday work.
    • Cope with challenges from related to family members or children who may be also in the househol.
  7. Remote leadership - Leading virtual teams successfully
    • Create the basis for suitable digital communication techniques and qualified project management.
    • Define rules of conduct and team rules and do not underestimate them.
    • Ensure the availability of remote participants with appointment planning.
    • Include short private and motivational conversations.
    • Plan special features in international or intercultural teams.
  8. Online Meetings
    • Observe the work situation, tasks, work progress, plan specifications, goals and deficits as essentials.
    • Plan online meetings, define meeting goals, choose communication technology and IT infrastructure.
    • Create an agenda, invite participants and inform about expectations regarding results and goals.
    • Define the roles and tasks of the moderator and the person responsible for the minutes.
    • Enforce guideline rules and compliance with personal behavior (etiquette) in online meetings.
    • From the moderator's side, the meeting controls must be set up so that.

       - all items within the agenda are supposed to be processed, the meeting goals should be achieved.
       - the meeting should be ended on time.
       - a trouble-free meeting process should be guaranteed.
       - the meeting can be recorded for the statistical processes and future improvements.

  9. Legal basic
    • Observe general information about home office operations in Switzerland and the (EU) GDPR for Swiss companies.
    • Communicate EU GDPR basics as well as GDPR-relevant software and security aspects for home offices.
    • Inform home office workers about possible official controls regarding compliance with the GDPR regulations.
    • Inform about regulations on hardware usage, company and private devices as well as processing or storage of company or private data.
    • Observe additional requirements when processing personal data in the mobile office.
    • Implement and ratify the employment contract law for home office worker.

You are also welcome to download all points in a presentation free of charge.

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