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Current Situation

  • Increasing cybercrime
  • Lack of resources in IT
  • Use of private and unauthorized software solutions
  • Expensive penalties are possible in case of violation of the data protection guidelines

Preventing cybercrime

Every year, countless companies lose billions of dollars due to cybercrime.
According to Statista 2020, the number of data leaks has increased enormously:




The fact is that medium-sized enterprises are the most frequently attacked. Nevertheless, the risk is massively underestimated.

DSMEs are looking at cybercrime only as a possible risk.
Of surveyed entrepreneurs regard data loss as a significant risk.
Of the affected companies had to temporarily shut down their operations.
Each second company has been already hacked

In order to better combat cybercrime and offer maximum protection for all sensitive data, we have developed our All-in-One-Plattform SWISS SECURIUM®.



Many companies trust their data to public providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox & Co. . Few people realize that these companies can access sensitive data at any time. The situation is no better in terms of communication either. Skype or WhatsApp are used for convenience and/or ignorance of possible consequences. In addition, passwords are sometimes sent in plain text by email via public providers.


Business Sectors at a glance

Encrypted communication is particularly essential for lawyers, notaries and trustees. Here, we rely entirely on end-to-end encryption, so that all data sent via email or chat or stored in the cloud is absolutely secure. Here, our All-in-One-Solution SWISS SECURIUM® offers all-round security that is easy to use.

As IT security plays a major role in healthcare, it is essential to protect highly sensitive patient data. Here, our All-in-One-Platform SWISS SECURIUM® guarantees the best protection of all data - both during storage and exchange between different doctors' offices, health authorities, etc. It is extremely uncomplicated in its application.

In hardly any other industry are the chances and risks of the digital age as close together as in the financial world. The All-in-One-Platform SWISS SECURIUM® combines effective protection of customer data with the most accessible customer communication possible, while at the same time ensuring a completely guaranteed defense against all forms of cybercrime.

For start-ups, dealing with cybersecurity is about the optimal balance between effectiveness and efficiency. These questions usually have to be decided under time and cost pressure, with consequences that usually only become apparent after some time. At the same time, important aspects are often overlooked. Here we act as competent consultants and prevent security problems from creeping in from the very beginning.

The following applies to all associations: Sensitive data, especially those of the members, must be managed and stored in compliance with GDPR. At the same time, secure communication is very important, especially for rescue or fire brigade associations, as this is about human lives. Here, the All-in-One-Platform SWISS SECURIUM® platform ensures maximum safety while maintaining time effectiveness.

SWISS SECURIUM® is also the means of choice for small businesses and the self-employed. The data of SMEs are also interesting, here too the number of hacker attacks is increasing. Our All-in-One-Platform platform SWISS SECURIUM® protects you from this and makes all communication not only secure, but also effective – and thus successful.

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