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Videos and Tutorials

SWISS SECURIUM® - secure communication and collaboration platform

The video clearly shows how the platform works and the benefits in general.


SWISS SECURIUM® - secure communication and collaboration

This explanation video shows the benefits of SWISS SECURIUM® for remote work.


SWISS SECURIUM® Motivation Video

Our customers can relax and take care of their business. SWISS SECURIUM® takes care of the rest and ensures the security of your data.


SWISS SECURIUM® - for information and communication security

In this video you can see the complete overview of the functions of the all-in-one platform.


CloudSecurium™ - Data storage and file sharing tool on the SWISS SECURIUM® platform

This explanatory video gives an overview of the most important functions of CloudSecurium™.


SWISS SECURIUM® - perfect all in one solution for Start-ups and SME

In this video you may find out more why SWISS SECURIUM® suits your business.


SWISS SECURIUM®- protects corporate data from leakage

This video explains how SWISS SECURIUM® can help to prevent corporate data from leakage.