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Clubs / Associations

Regardless of whether it is a sports, cultural or rescue association. All clubs and associations must manage and secure sensitive data, in particular those of their members, SG and GDPR compliant. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in severe fines or penalties.

Equally important is the communication of associations. Especially if it is e.g. B. voluntary fire brigades are concerned about human lives and important information on this needs to be stored safely. Every minute often matters here, so it takes a procedure that helps to save time.




  • The All-in-One-Platform SWISS SECURIUM® is our best solution for smooth and effective communication, and multi-layer encryption of all data. It is also characterized by a central management system, easy handling and GDPR compliance.
  • With SWISS SECURIUM®, you can focus on the essentials and process all data without any problems.