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SWISS SECURIUM® is a modern, secure messenger with a function of audio and video calls. You can create multi-user chats in our messenger and transfer files through a safe cloud CloudSecurium™. You can also connect several of your SWISS SECURIUM® accounts to one application at a time. And you can invite external users through the app to take part in a secure chat.

SWISS SECURIUM® was originally designed as a platform for secure data exchange, so the interaction between all its services and applications passes over secure SSL/TLS protocols.

All data and user application files are stored in an encrypted form, both on users' devices and on servers. Decryption of the data is impossible without the participation of the user who owns the keys.

SWISS SECURIUM® also uses the OTR protocol the interlocutor verification and establishing end-to-end encryption of conversation. Voice and video calls are protected by WebRTC technology.

Our servers, on which the platform information is stored, are located in a highly protected data centre, that provides maximum physical protection of the data.

Yes, you can. You don’t need SIM card to use SWISS SECURIUM®, but you must have an account in the corporate instance.

Yes. You do not have to pay again before your payment period ends. You can download the application for free from App Store or Google Play

If you enable end-to-end encryption for your chat, it will be completely impossible because all your messages will be encrypted with temporary AES keys per message and won't be stored on our servers. Otherwise, your messages are stored encrypted both on our servers and your device. But thanks to the encryption, we have no access to your data.

SWISS SECURIUM® for Android requires version 5.1 and higher.

SWISS SECURIUM® for iOS requires version 10.0 and above.

Yes, you can. You can use the application on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, but also in a browser.

You can easily do this via Settings -> About -> Leave feedback.

To sign in new account:

1. Enter product ID assigned to your company.

2. Enter your Username.

3. Enter your Password.

4. Turn option button to <Remember me> mode to save your login and password on this device.

5. Tap <Sign in> to enter SWISS SECURIUM®.

Do not forget to create Security code or enable Face ID / Touch ID (Fingerprint authentication) option to ensure better application security on your device.

Yes, SWISS SECURIUM® gives you an opportunity to add accounts and freely switch between them.

To delete an account from app:

1. Tap on the menu icon at the upper left part of the screen.

2. Tap <Manage accounts>.

3. Tap and hold the account you want to delete until the menu appears.

4. Tap <Delete>.

To switch user:

1. Tap on the menu icon at the upper left part of the screen.

2. Tap on the combo box icon to open account list.

3. Tap on the account you want to switch to.

You also can switch accounts by tapping account icon in the top of the menu.

See Reference

To log out:

1. Tap on the menu icon  at upper left part of the screen.

2. Tap <Logout> and confirm.

Logged out users must enter their account passwords when logging in again.

Yes, you can change account password in your personal web cabinet Controlium which helps to manage settings for all applications of the platform.

No, you can’t. There is one password for all SWISS SECURIUM® services, but mobile applications can be protected with an additional Security Code, which you can set separately for each application, or Touch ID / Face ID (if it's supported by your device), and for web applications you can use one-time passwords generated by the AccessSecurium™ app for iOS and Android.

If you forgot your account password, please contact your administrator to create a new password for your account.

You can clear application data in the phone settings (or delete the account in the app) and then set a new Security code on the first app login, but in this case you will have to go through full authorization: enter your product ID, your Username and account Password for the platform. You can also contact your administrator for assistance.

Passwords must be resistant to hacking, so we suggest you to use the PassSecurium™ app to generate the strongest passwords. Otherwise, you should use capitals, numbers, symbols, you shouldn’t use words which may be easily guessed, also mind the length of your password: at least 8 symbols.

To set/change new Security Code:

1. Tap on the menu icon and choose <Change Security Code>.

2. (Enter existing Security Code.)

3. Enter new Security Code and confirm it.

4. Enter a hint for Security Code (optionally).

5. Save it.

No, you can’t. Username for SWISS SECURIUM® is fixed and is needed for login. But you can change your Display Name which is shown in contact lists of the other platform users. You can do it in your Controlium web cabinet.

If you lose your phone, please change password in Controlium and contact your administrator. Do not forget to also use the Security Code or Face / Touch ID for your SWISS SECURIUM® applications so that no one else could open them.

SWISS SECURIUM® currently supports 3 languages: English, German and Russian. You can set a language in Settings -> Profile -> Language.

You can message users from your SWISS SECURIUM® contact list, which are created by your platform admin, and external users invited by you. The app doesn’t read your phone contacts.

To view contacts tap <Contacts> tab. You can view them all, by groups or only favorites.

To do this, select <Invite User> from the menu, enter the email of the person you want to invite and an invitation link will be sent to this address.

Wählen Sie dazu <Benutzer einladen> aus dem Menü, geben Sie die E-Mail der Person ein, die Sie einladen möchten, und ein Einladungslink wird an diese Adresse geschickt.

The invited user can chat with the person who invited him or her and with users from user groups to which the external user was added, participate in multi-user chats if added to them, make calls, and receive calls from the users available to him or her. The expiry date of such an invitation is set by the inviting user.

You can invite external users until you reach the maximum number of users of your corporate SWISS SECURIUM® instance. The number of already created users and the maximum amount of the platform users you can request from your platform administrator.

Active status (green dot in the lower right corner of the contact icon) means that SWISS SECURIUM® window is open at recipient’s device at the moment.

 To do this, follow these steps:

1. Tap and hold the name of a contact you want to add to Favorites, until the menu appears.
2. Select <Add to Favorites>.

Similarly, you can delete a contact from Favorites.

SWISS SECURIUM® offers opportunities to make conversation really secure. Use OTR* (Off-the-Record Messaging)  protocol to be 100% sure who you are messaging to.

There are two security levels available:

1. End-to-end encryption: just tap on the shield icon in upper right part of the chat screen (icon will become white with red cross – this means that encryption is enabled but user is not verified).

2. If you want to verify the user you’re messaging to, you need to compare OTR fingerprints (if you have opportunity to see it on each other’s devices personally) or to ask each other secret questions which answers only you and your partner know.

To do this, tap on the shield icon again and choose appropriate verification method from the menu.

* OTR can be turned on when your partner is active in SWISS SECURIUM® at the moment.


In SWISS SECURIUM®, you can create multi-user chats up to 200 users.

1. Tap on any contact you want to add to the chat.

2. Tap on the three dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the dialog screen and choose <Add participants>.

3. Tick other chat participants.

4. Tap on the tick icon in the upper right corner of the screen to add chosen contacts.

Only owner of a group chat is able to delete users from the chat:

1. Tap on the three dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the dialog screen and choose <Profile>.

2. Tap on the red cross icon near the chat participant you want to delete.

You can’t leave a chat before the chat owner deletes you from the chat.

If you want to be sure that shared file is in safe, use CloudSecurium™ for sharing. Your files will be stored in the protected cloud which only you have access to*.

1. Tap on the clip icon.

2. Choose <Share existing file> to send file which is uploaded to your CloudSecurium™ or <Upload and share>.

3. Find file you need in your CloudSecurium™ (or choose on your device file for uploading) and tap on it.

* - the feature is available for SWISS SECURIUM® platform users (and isn't available for external users invited via the SWISS SECURIUM Messenger™).

Tap on the message you want to edit, copy, quote or delete, choose necessary action from the appeared menu.

You can delete multiple messages at one time: just hold message until it gets highlighted, choose necessary messages and tap the bucket icon.

Tap on a contact in history tab which history you want to clear and hold until the menu appears, choose <Delete>. Message history will be deleted from your device. If you want to delete messages for all conversation participants, delete them directly from the chat.

During a call you can see the following options:

Turn back to dialog during the call:

Tap the left arrow icon in the upper left corner of the call screen or the messages icon to back to the chat during the call.

Turn back to call from chat:

Tap the <Return to call> blue button at the top of the chat screen.

Turn microphone off/on:

Tap the crossed microphone icon to turn microphone off. The turned off microphone icon must turn blue.

Loudspeaker mode on/off:

Tap the dynamic icon to turn on loudspeaker during the voice call. The icon will turn blue.

Video call on/off:

Tap the camera icon to turn video on during the voice call. You can also switch from the front camera of the phone to the rear camera by tapping switching icon at the upper right corner of the call screen.

Video quality:

Tap the three dot menu icon at the upper right corner of the call screen and choose one of the quality options: Low, Medium or High.

Yes. To do this, you should go to Settings -> Privacy & Security and enable the <Anonymous call> option (this will make all incoming calls anonymous).

If you want to hide name only for one person: open chat with him/her, tap three dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the chat screen, go to <Profile> section and turn on <Anonymous call> option.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Enter the <Settings> menu.

2. Go to <Appearance> tab.

3. Select a picture from SWISS SECURIUM® gallery or from your device, adjust its position as the background.

You can also change font size for messages on <Appearance> tab .

To change auto lock interval:

1. Tap on the menu icon  on the upper left part of the screen and go to <Auto lock interval>.


2. Go to <Settings> menu and change it on <Privacy & Security> tab.

To lock SWISS SECURIUM® on your device tap on the lock icon. After that you will need to enter Security Code to re-enter the application

Yes, you can change sounds or turn them off by going to Settings -> Audio & Video tab. You can choose melody for the ringtone and notification sound there. If you want to turn off all the sounds in the SWISS SECURIUM® app, turn off Sound option.

On the Settings -> Notifications tab you can turn on/off vibration for calls and notifications.

SWISS SECURIUM® provides strong protection of your data on your device with encryption (and Security code or Fingerprint are used for encryption key generation). If a hacker gets your device, encryption will make it impossible to access the SWISS SECURIUM® messenger data. That’s why you should enable Security code / Fingerprint authentication and use it for encryption of the application data base (you can enable both methods).


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