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Everything you need for business in one platform

Instant Messenger

Communicate securely via SWISS SECURIUM® Messenger! With our securely encrypted video, voice and chat messenger, your confidential data is secure. 256bit ASE encryption ensures that no third party can intercept and view your communications.


Email with Team Calendar

With MailSecurium™, you can use an email service that allows you to securely host emails with your own domain in our data center. The web-based MailSecurium™ Client provides an email client, calendar & address book in one.



CloudSecurium™ combines the security standard of e-banking with the cloud and provides you with a secure platform for sharing your documents. You can be absolutely sure that your data cannot be read by any third party (including any secret services).


Passwort Manager

Mit PassSecurium™ your sensitive access data with user and group-based authorizations - tailored to the needs of modern corporations. Even one  larger  volume of  passwords can be stored in a particularly secure and well-organized way.


Video Conferencing

For home office work in a team or virtual meetings with customers and partners our video conferencing tool is responsible. The tool offers a secure zoom alternative with various functions such as screen sharing and video recording.


Virtual Workplace

DeskSecurium™ creates the workplace of the future. All you need is a virtual workstation in our secure Swiss data center and access it from anywhere, with any device.



How does SWISS SECURIUM® work?

SWISS SECURIUM® easily uses your existing internet connection. This will provide a secure connection to our servers. These are located in a highly secure data center. This creates a network that you use to communicate more securely than on a local network.

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White Paper

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes and learn more technical details about the platform and its components? Then we will be happy to send you our white paper. Just send us your request and you will shortly receive the download link by email.

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We have been tested and certified

ISO 27001 specifies the requirements for setting up, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving a documented information security management system in the company. As a service provider, we thus guarantee confidential handling of data and a high level of information and IT security.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation of the European Union. It harmonises rules on the processing of personal data across the EU, both private and public. This ensures, on the one hand, the protection of personal data within the EU and, at the same time, ensures the free movement of data within the European internal market.

Thanks to multi-layerencryption, SWISS SECURIUM® ensures maximum protection of all business data. The platform has been developed according to one of the strictest laws in the world. In addition, all data in a Swiss data center is strictly monitored. High level security standards prevent any unauthorized third party access.