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The ALPEIN Software SWISS AG operates its platform for secure communication, SWISS SECURIUM, in a former military bunker deep in the swiss mountains. Since our establishment, our endeavor is to protect your data, privacy & communication on the highest possible level.

Chat & Voice Messenger

Communicate securely via SWISS SECURIUM Messenger! With an encrypted chat and voice messenger, that no one can intercept, you can exchange confidential information without fear of eavesdroppers.

Email service

MailSecurium is an e-mail service that allows you to securely host emails with your own domain in our datacenter. With the web-based MailSecurium client you have a modern email client, calendar and address book in one. 


Share documents via our secured platform CloudSecurium. You can be sure that no third parties can read your data and that there are no loopholes for intelligence agencies.

Password Manager

PassSecurium allows enterprise-wide management of your sensitive access data with user and group-based permissions that are tailored to the needs of modern corporations. Even large amounts of passwords can be saved very secure and well organized.

Double secure access

With secure 2-factor authentication you generate a disposable key which is valid just for a short time. Thereby you do not need complicated passwords anymore to gain a safe access to your data.

Remote desktop

DeskSecurium is a new way to work. Instead of multiple local office installations you run just one virtual office in our highly secure bunker in Switzerland and access it from everywhere and with every device you want.

Video Conferencing

SwissSecurium video conferencing is the fast and effective solution for any online meeting. Due to easy handling of videocalls with video recording, chat, and other useful functions, it helps digital teams, especially from the home office, to work productively and stay up to date.

Secured Communication

Everything you exchange within SWISS SECURIUM remains private and secret. The encryption protocol ZRTP, which is used in our platform, is considered as one of the safest protocols.It is just uncrackable with today’s computers. Feel yourself safe.

High Level Security

Our servers are stored deep in the mountains.  Neither environmental disasters nor tank bombardment would harm or affect the stability and processing power of our server and backup systems.


With our partner Mount10 you gain additional security through second data center, if you wish to. The swiss legislation regulates the guidelines for a certified backup which  Mount10  complies with.

Swiss Protection

Swiss legislation and the highest safety standards in encryption ensure that your data in SWISS SECURIUM and your secure communication platform are safe and remain safe.

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