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Complete range of services on one platform

Instant Messenger

Secure communication via SwissSecurium Messenger – the encrypted video, voice and chat messenger for confidential information. 


E-mail Service

With our mail service MailSecurium you can host your e-mails with your own domain absolutely securely in our data center. 



Share your documents via our CloudSecurium security platform and connect the security standard of e-banking to the cloud.


Password manager

With PassSecurium you can manage your sensitive access data with user and group-based authorizations - tailored to the needs of modern corporations.

Video Conferencing

With our videoconferencing tool you are well prepared for virtual meetings. A secure zoom alternative optimally integrated into your encrypted infrastructure.

Remote Desktop

DeskSecurium creates the workplace of the future. All you need is a virtual workstation in our secure data center, rather than multiple local workstations.


Your Advantages with SWISS SECURIUM®

  • All-in-One-Solution
  • Easy to use
  • Centralized and convenient user control
  • “Security and Privacy by Design" concept
  • Easy integration into existing processes
  • DSG and GDPR compliant
  • No IT knowledge required
  • Maximum protection from third parties
  • Developed and protected in Switzerland
  • Multi-layered encryption
  • Integration of own systems possible
  • Very attractive quality-price ratio

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What does SWISS SECURIUM® include?
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Multilevel Security

From our experience, many companies do not have strict guidelines for internal data and data exchange with third parties.

They use insecure tools for internal communication, data exchange, email, which are often located on the servers of local providers. In this way, passwords sent via email, instant messages or files can be available to third parties.

Communication Security

SWISS SECURIUM®'s voice service uses end-to-end encryption. This way we eliminate any possibility of eavesdropping on a conversation. For this purpose, the client always establishes a connection directly to the interlocutor via the DTLS-SRTP protocol with 256-bit AES encryption. The server acts as a pure connection mediator. The text messages can also be additionally encoded with the Off-the-Record Protocol (OTR) for the two conversation partners within a client environment.

Technical Security

The business platform was designed according to the "Security & Privacy by Design" principle. Every single component, every module used has been carefully selected to ensure maximum protection of data and against third parties. The systems are based exclusively on OpenSource protocols and established OpenSource encryption. Thus the possible "backdoors" can be avoided. For the hardware, only certified devices from European manufacturers were used.

VIP Privacy

The SWISS SECURIUM® platform and all stored data are encrypted in such a way that only the customer knows his password and can decrypt his data. Not even our technicians and administrators can see the customer data. A technician can therefore only take action if the customer gives him his or her consent. In this case, the system is unlocked by two-factor authentication. In doing so, the customer enters his password via a remote console.


Legal Security

SWISS SECURIUM® is subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG) – one of the strictest data protection laws in the world – and our customers benefit from it. Thus, the release of the data CANNOT be enforced by third parties (including secret services). Unless a Swiss court decrees otherwise. Unlike in many countries, Swiss companies do not have to keep secured data from third parties or hand them over to the authorities without informing the customer.

Additional Safety

In addition to the usual access protection like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), SWISS SECURIUM® offers the protection of the services with VPN tunnel. All services can be individually or collectively protected by the built-in VPN tunnel. Customers can also activate an enforced VPN connection, allowing only access to their instance through an encrypted VPN. This VPN is dedicated to the customers instance only.It offers a high degree of security and protection from hacker attacks and surveillance by intelligence agencies.

Physical Security

The platform is located exclusively on Swiss servers in modern data centres in the centre of Switzerland. The good location and optimal backbone connection guarantee the carefree accessibility of data and services. The entire infrastructure is designed to be redundant and fail-safe, thus offering the highest data security. The additional backup of the systems is located in a Swiss bunker data centre, which can even survive natural disasters and protects the data.

White Paper

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes and learn more technical details about the platform and its components? Then we will be happy to send you our white paper. Just send us your request and you will shortly receive the download link by email.

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