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20% on remote office

The home office is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, it allows employees more flexibility and on the other hand, it also provides the employer with more profit through higher employee performance. Because according to analyses by Niclas Schaper, Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Paderborn, it is clear that productivity at home is not declining, "but is quantitatively and qualitatively higher". The same result was also achieved by the scientific study of the University of Stanford, which even named a percentage of 13.5% more efficiency.
In addition, the home office also reduces the risks posed by the corona virus. If a large part of the workforce fails, it can quickly lead to bottlenecks and production losses, sometimes even to the temporary closure of the company.
On the other hand, the home office also holds some dangers, if not all aspects are considered and not all security measures are observed. Because the greatest security risk is and remains the human being! A simple, flexible and at the same time secure solution is DeskSecurium. You as a company keep the control over the system and don't have to worry about mixing private and business data, securing the networks or spyware. The employees in the home office work in a secured environment - without risk of infection for human or machine.


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Simply request a demo account by e-mail and get 20% discount on Remote Desktop. The promotion is only valid until 10.04.2020. The contract becomes effective after the first test week.

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