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The solution against digital viruses

What connection can be seen between the corona virus and digital viruses?

First and foremost, it is probably the fact that in both cases the chain of infection is very difficult to interrupt. If one is affected by it, on the one hand, considerable health restrictions will take place, and, on the other hand, in the business sector there may be considerable problems or even losses. In the case of the coronavirus, global restrictions, i.e. cancelled events, trade fairs and business meetings, must be accepted. In the case of a cyber attack, the problems and losses can hit companies and private individuals directly and even threaten their existence.
Just last week a swiss company unexpectedly filed for insolvency, the reason being a cyber attack.
Did you know that statistically a hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds? This is why IT security is so enormously important today.
Although we at ALPEINSOFT are no health experts, we are concerned with the privacy of each individual, the security of all data and the implementation of tap-proof communication. Only the minority of internet users realize what can actually happen to their data: e.g. the data can be illegally traded and sold on the black market. It is clear that the digital world is always exposed to the new vulnerabilities and that without a profound IT knowledge or an IT expert at your side, you are permanently at risk of being affected by a cyber attack.
Our IT experts have developed SWISS SECURIUM®, an ALL-in-ONE solution for maximum protection of all digital data and communication, based on one of the strictest legislations in the world.

If you are wondering what makes us different from other providers and what advantages SWISS SECURIUM® offers, you will find the answer here:

  1. The platform includes 5 services in one (instant messenger with audio and video call, password manager, data transfer, e-mail service with calendar, two-factor-authentication) and, if desired, remote desktop.
  2. The platform is multi-layer encrypted and allows only the sender and recipient to view the message, including attached document. Not even we as a provider have access to user data.
  3. The platform was developed from the outset according to the concept of "Privacy by Design" and enables every user to comply with EU-DSGVO conformity.
  4. SWISS SECURIUM® is centrally controlled, thus providing all users with an excellent overall overview of all business activities and increasing effectiveness.
  5. Special IT knowledge is not required, as the platform enables simple and intuitive handling.
  6. The platform can be easily integrated into existing processes.
  7. A fair price-performance ratio for VIP privacy is guaranteed.
  8. One product, which developed and protected in Switzerland.

Test SWISS SECURIUM® 30 days free of charge:

If you need more information, please contact us:

Stay healthy and also maximally protected!