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New PassSecurium™ browser extension (PBE)

Dear Customers!

In our opinion, we all have been missing good news in these latter days. 

Unfortunately, our company cannot participate in the global fight against the pandemic because we work in the area of ​​cyber security, BUT we have released a very convenient browser plug-in expanding the capabilities of our password manager PassSecurium™: (you can find links for the app downloading there)


PassSecurium™ Browser Extension (PBE) is available for Firefox and Chrome. 

It’s absolutely free for any PassSecurium™ users: from Free to Enterprise!


How does it work? 

  1. First you have to create a PassSecurium™ account (you can register it on our website or directly in the app. For paid accounts, the request has to be made via our customer portal on the website).
  2. Then you should install the browser extension.
  3. Click the icon of the installed extension in the browser toolbar and enter your PassSecurium™ account in the extension.
  4. Now you can save credentials from websites right in your secure password manager.
  5. To see the saved passwords, you should go to the Folders & Keys tab of the extension (the WEB folder will be also available in your web and mobile versions of the PassSecurium™).


Why is the use of the PBE safer and more convenient than the use of standard browser feature for password storing?

  1. All your login information is stored in one place, in a secure data center in Switzerland. There is no data stored in your browser or on your device.
  2. Central storage allows you to use all saved passwords on different devices in different browsers right after the log in to the extension.
  3. Additional security layer: PIN code for actions in the extension (optional).
  4. Feedback form right in the extension: report any issue immediately. 
  5. For businesses: you can be sure that all corporate passwords are storing in your own environment and access to them can be blocked in a moment from the admin panel.


If you still doubt, just try PassSecurium™ and PBE for free and realize how convenient your password security can be!