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20% discount on DeskSecurium™

Corona is currently steering countless companies, administrations and authorities into the home office. Some countries, including Switzerland, have tightened the previous home office recommendation and are now creating binding rules for companies wherever home office can be implemented in operational terms. Fortunately, our digital age makes it possible to successfully transfer numerous tasks to the home office without any problems thanks to the IT, communication and chat technologies available.

We recommend DeskSecurium™ as a full desktop, optionally in Windows or Linux version, for all companies that do home office. Your virtual office is always available to you, regardless of where you are currently operating your home office. All home office participants access the virtual desktop at the same time and use all conventional desktop applications via the browser on any device. Data can be copied between any DeskSecurium device used and the DeskSecurium platform and all data, files and work results are optimally protected in our Swiss high-security area, which means that any data loss is excluded.

As a virtual workplace, DeskSecruium™ is a component of our SWISS SECURIUM® product, the ALL-in-ONE communication platform for teams with messengers with audio and video calls, video conferencing, data exchange, password managers and e-mail functions.


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