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SWISS SECURIUM: perfect solution for remote work

Much has happened since the beginning of the pandemic, but some of the changes that have occurred in our lives are likely to remain with us for a long time. For example, remote work.

There are many studies on this topic, but most of them agree that in 2021 the number of permanent remote workers can double in size1. Many companies have appreciated the benefits of remote work and are not going to give them up. Some employees also agree to work from home after the pandemic.

But to run workflows efficiently and safely, companies need the right tools, like our all-in-one corporate platform for communication and collaboration SWISS SECURIUM®.

The central services for remote workers have always been communication and file storage / management.

CloudSecurium™ is the cloud storage of the SWISS SECURIUM® platform. It is accessible from any device and allows user to securely store and share working files. All files are stored encrypted in your company's isolated instance in a Swiss data center, as well as they are encrypted in applications on devices. CloudSecurium™ allows file co-editing, convenient internal and external sharing, instant synchronization.

Communication services of the platform are Swiss Securium™ Messenger and ConfSecurium™. Swiss Securium™ Messenger is capable to maintain chats for up to 200 users, make 1-to-1 audio and video calls, send files and more. Internal users can also invite external users by email to communicate securely in Swiss Securium™ Messenger. Messenger chats and calls are end-to-end encrypted. ConfSecurium™ is an additional service for secure online conferencing, where up to 100 users can participate in the conference. The functions of screen sharing, text chat, conference recording, white board are available.

And that's not all.

The platform also includes the MailSecurium™ email service, which can be used with PGP encryption. The mobile MailSecurium™ application uses PGP by default.

PassSecurium™ password manager helps to securely store and share corporate passwords. For two-factor authentication, our web services use the AccessSecurium™ application, which generates 6-digit one-time codes. PassSecurium™ and AccessSecurium™ also have free personal versions so your employees can extend their cyber security practice beyond work.

We also offer DeskSecurium™ - a remote workplace hosted in Switzerland. You can choose between Windows or Linux operating systems, as well as order a pre-installed software package or install your own programs.

Each user of the SWISS SECURIUM® platform also has a special Controlium administration panel, where they can edit their data, find manuals and download links for the applications.

It’s worth highlighting that the platform integrates with AD / LDAP for importing and managing users. A convenient administrative panel makes it easy to control all platform settings, create / edit users and combine them into groups, give them permissions. For maximum security, an administrator can enable access to the platform services through VPN.

Thus, our all-in-one SWISS SECURIUM® platform covers almost all remote work needs simultaneously providing a high level of data protection.

If you are still in doubt if our solution meets your company’s needs, feel free to request an online presentation of SWISS SECURIUM® capabilities or a test instance.

You can calculate the cost of the platform using our calculator.

Grow your business while SWISS SECURIUM® protects your data!