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Overview of PassSecurium™ progress in 2022

2022 has been an intense but very productive year for the PassSecurium™ password manager development team. We are pleased to share with you our achievements this year, which we are very proud of:

- Activity Log

In May, we launched the Activity Log feature allowing an administrator to see a detailed history of all user activity.

- In-House Backup

The requested by our customers feature, which helps save a backup on a local server, was tackled by the PassSecurium™ team and released this summer.

- UI customization

Since this year it is possible for our business customers to give their PassSecurium™ instance an “individuality”. The design can be customized according to the company style. Background, logo, company info can be easily changed to fit into the corporate brand book.

- Password templates

The next step to improve the usability of PassSecurium™ is our password templates. This feature has been recently introduced and our customers find it handy and very useful.

- Browser extensions

We have expanded the list of browsers for which our extension is available and also improved its interface and functionality.

But we’re not going to stop there...

Our team is working hard to continue implementing new features and improving the user experience. Take a look at what we are currently working on and what you can expect in the future:

  1. Enhanced security with revised E2E encryption.
  2. New language packs. Soon PassSecurium™ will be available in Italian, Spanish and French.
  3. New website. It will be also presented in the mentioned above languages, but the main thing is more helpful information and ease of use.
  4. Global YubiKey integration is getting postponed. Although it is finished for the majority of supported platforms, we decided to release the feature when it will be applicable for our platforms.
  5. PassSecurium™ for Windows, macOS, Linux and portable versions currently are being tested. They will be available for download soon.

Our team also wants to thank our longtime customers and those who have recently joined the PassSecurium™ user community for choosing our password manager. We hope that you had a merry Christmas and a sociable transition into the new year and are confident that we can continue to inspire you in 2023 with new useful password management functions and uncompromising Swiss security!