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In-house Backup feature in the PassSecurium™ password manager

Business users of our PassSecurium™ password vault can take advantage of a special in-house backup feature.

Many companies have strict security and data retention policies that, for example, prohibit the use of cloud backup storage or require an additional backup copy of databases on premises (on the company's local servers).

PassSecurium™ password storage is located in a reliable Swiss data centre, each instance is protected with strong AES-256 encryption. Additionally, we offer separate VPN tunnels for accessing PassSecurium™ business instances. Thus, we can assure our customers that their data is safe.

But we also provide our customers with the option of an additional local (in-house) backup.

In case of in-house backup, full liability of the backed up data is on the customer who decided to use this feature. What does this mean? Our company is still responsible for the cloud security and data storage. We provide our customers with secure way of backing up data to their own environments, but protection of the created local backup copies is the customer’s responsibility. That’s why we recommend to mull over and design secure way for the local backup storing.

If you have followed all the security measures, enabling the in-house backup function will take just a few steps:

  1. PassSecurium™ administrator should go to the “Settings” section of the web application, enable the feature, and generate a Backup password* which is used to access downloaded zip. archives with your backups.
  2. The backup can be executed either by a CURL command or by a .php script which can be copied/downloaded from the “Settings” section. Instructions to the process are provided.
  3. Execution of the CURL command or .php file on a local machine will initiate a backup archive download.

* Please pay attention to the change password processes. If you need to change the Backup password, please save the previous one beforehand because otherwise you won’t be able to access the previous backup archives.

You can contact our experts on in-house backup questions through the contact form on the website or by email

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