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Every third swiss SMES was affected by cyber attacks!

Are you still wondering how high is the probability of being affected by cybercrime? Here we give you the clear answer and the best possible solution to protect yourself from cybercrime.

According to the recently published Internet security statistics, Switzerland scores below average, compared with neighboring European countries. For example, 47 percent of the Swiss have already been victims of phishing, while the European average of 45 percent is slightly lower. 

This endangers the very existence of many companies. Exactly for this reason that we should pay even more attention to sensitive data and give them a secure home.


Are you looking for a strong IT partner who can guarantee through sixfold´s protection you high security by protecting all your data and company communications? Then look at our All-in-One platform.

·     Developed according to the "Security and Privacy by Design" concept

·     Multiple Certified

·     End-to-end encryption

·     Tap-proof

·     100% developed and protected in Switzerland


Try our FREE password manager (Android / iOS) as well as two-factor-authentication (Android / iOS), which gives you even more security in your private and business environment.