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SWISS SECURIUM is a solution for corporate secure communications and collaboration, which includes:




  • secure e-mail
  • file sharing
  • voice calls
  • video calls
  • conference calls
  • instant text messaging
  • passwords management



SWISS SECURIUM uses your existing Internet connection to establish a secure connection to our servers in a highly secure data center in a former military bunker in the Swiss mountains range. This creates a network that allows you to communicate more securely than if you were on a local network.

The data on the servers are encrypted at all times and can not even be viewed by us.


6-steps security



Both of our datacenters, the operative and backup one, are located in different former military bunkers deep inside the mountains in the Swiss Alps. They are well protected and strictly guarded. Neither environmental disasters nor military actions can harm or affect the stability and processing power of our servers and backup systems. 

Also, we use security certified servers made in Europe, as well as network equipment made in Europe only.



For our systems we use only Open Source Protocols and encryption. This ensures that it is impossible to obtain the entries using any third-party software. Open Source programs can be viewed anytime by anyone, which means that changes would be immediately noticed. Since the hardware also has a certain amount of software (firmware / BIOS) and can hardly be controlled, we rely on certified European devices.



The entire SWISS SECURIUM platform and stored data there are encrypted. Only the customer knows the password for decrypting the system. This means that not even our technicians and administrators can see the customer's data.

A technician can get an access only if the customer gives his consent. The system is then unlocked by two-factor authentication, whereby the customer must enter his password via remote console.






We use the approach of end-to-end encrypted voice communications. So even the server, which facilitates the transfer of information, is not able to decrypt the stream. It is ensured by the DTLS-SRTP protocol with AES-256 cipher and Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange, which provides perfect forward secrecy.

In the case when peer-to-peer connection is unavailable, all information transmitted through the intermediary server is encrypted additionally by AES cipher in TLS connections. So the communication is double encrypted, in the client-server communications and at the same time in the end-to-end data stream.

Instant messaging is also secured by TLS connections with AES cipher on the client-server level of communications. In case of Off-the-Record (OTR) mode established by users, the conversation is going to be additionally encrypted on end-to-end level with perfect forward secrecy.



Swiss Securium clients benefit from the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (DSG) – one of the strictest laws worldwide in this field. A transfer of your data to third parties or intelligence agencies cannot be enforced except through the decision of Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland.

Other states usually require to intercept, store and provide the data of clients to the authorities, and even to keep in secret the facts of such disclosures. We are obliged to disclose only the contact and legal information about the clients, everything else is a matter of communication between our client and the authorities or subject to the court decision.

But even if we got a court decision, we can provide only the encrypted data of the client, we do not have any keys to decrypt it.




We offer an additional backup of your data in the Swiss Fort Knox data center at our partner Mount10, which holds various different bunkers in the Swiss Alps. The data are encrypted with AES-256 on our server and then stored in the backup data center. This service is optional and is charged separately.

Overview of all SWISS SECURIUM Services

Overview of all SWISS SECURIUM services

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