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Transparancy of the Swiss Securium depployment process

Many offer to buy their product, but often customers aren’t informed what actions are required from their side. We decided to clarify the deployment process of the SWISS SECURIUM® platform, so that the customers get a better understanding of what we do for them and what depends on them.

  • First, the customer sends us an application for the platform with a specific user package (later the user number can be changed).
  • Then the SWISS SECURIUM® platform backend with LDAP is deployed. If the customer buys additional DeskSecurium™ (virtual desktop) and Video Conferencing tool, then they are also added to the platform with access via LDAP (so that users of the platform can log into any of the services with their credentials).
  • The platform can be deployed in the Swiss data center, as well as on-premise.
  • The platform is deployed within 1 business day, however, for platforms with more than 50 users, we might need 1 more day to run control tests before launch.
  • After that, the finished configuration is transferred to the use of the customer. The customer’s administrator adds users to the platform and must inform users of their platform credentials via a confidential channel. If the customer uses a compatible version of LDAP, then the platform can be included in an existing infrastructure. (As a rule, integration is an individual issue that is solved in its own way for each case.)
  • Users with their platform credentials go to a special SWISS SECURIUM® platform info center (Controlium™), where they can add / change their information, change settings, download mobile and desktop applications and find manuals for all services and applications of the platform.


Pretty simple! And keep in mind that our company is always ready to answer your questions and provide assistance.