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Swiss data centres and their advantages

We have already talked about the advantages of hosting in Switzerland many times.

It can offer strict data protection laws, political stability and favourable business climate, a wide range of physical security options (up to data centres located in underground bunkers), the ability to find an environmentally friendly solution. Switzerland also ranks as the country with the fastest internet speeds in the world [1].

But this time, we’ll dive into the Swiss data centre statistics to show how extensive and attractive options are.

The leading regions where the majority of data centres located are Zurich (absolute champion), Geneva and Bern [2]. They host more than 75% of Swiss data centres. Zurich’s leadership is quite obvious as it is the heart of Swiss business life.

The city is rated #2 for its attractiveness and potential for data centre tenants, #1 for political stability, and #11 for cloud availability (offering multiple cloud services, including 3 major ones: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud) [3]. 

Financial services, growing fintech, other resident businesses, international companies accommodated in Switzerland generate tones of data and prone to storing it in local clouds. This leads to rapid development of data storage, transfer and protection sectors.

Switzerland is the second in the top countries by data centre density [4]. The total number of data centres of various types is close to 100 [5].

Switzerland produces about 80% of its energy from renewable sources, for instance, hydropower plants and photovoltaics [6]. A lot of data centres have adopted lake water cooling systems and the use of solar batteries. Some are powered by 100% renewable and locally generated energy [7].

Switzerland’s environmental stewardship cannot but be admired, as even energy-intensive projects such as data centres are also aiming for carbon neutrality. Swisscom has already planned to reach CO2 neutrality by 2025, Equinix plans to do so by 2030. About 20 data centres are already CO2 neutral, and the surprising fact is that the centre’s size does not matter [8].

It’s not uncommon to create symbiotic systems of data centres with power plants, electricity companies, and infrastructure, where waste heat from a data centre is used for municipal purposes or local communities [9].

The security of storing data in Swiss data centers can be compared to the security of storing money in Swiss banks. Data in our time is the resource easily convertible into money, that’s why it is so important to take data protection seriously.

Switzerland provides hosting with excellent legislative protection alongside with gold-standard and even higher physical protection of local data centres. They offer conventional protection and uptime measures, but there are centres that are protected even from a missile hit.

Our company cooperates with various Swiss data centers and is able to please even picky customers.

By default, we partner with the Data11 [10] data center, which uses 100% renewable energy, is carbon neutral, and provides high reliability and security.

Our products are also designed with all cybersecurity and compliance requirements in mind. The combination of a reliable data center and a secure software product will provide your company with peace of mind and productive work.

For questions about hosting options for our software, you can contact our specialists through the contact form on the website, they will be happy to help you choose the one adequate for your business needs.