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Our young and motivated team of acknowledged security specialists is working every day on your security and privacy protection. Your communication is only your business and of those you trust in.

Trust ALPEIN Software SWISS AG and put the confidentiality of your data in the hands of experienced security specialists. We're not hackers, we're serious experts in internet communications.

SWISS SECURIUM - safe and discrete

Being safe and secure means not only encryption, it's also protection from data loss and damage through environmental disasters. That's why our servers are stored deep within the Swiss mountains in a military bunker. Protect you data from theft, data loss and damages. And even then we still have a backup in another mountain.

  • Military grade security

    Our servers are located in a former military bunker in the Swiss mountains. Heavily guarded by security staff, video observation and biometric access controls sealed against intruders so nobody has a chance to gain physical access to your data. Neither bad weather nor tank fire can damage your data.

  • We provide the highest level of security!

    We use the ZRTP protocol for communication, the hard drives are encrypted using AES and only you as the owner of your instance get the key to unlock them. We ensure that even our employees can not access your data.

  • Law is the Law...

    The Swiss laws are considered as the strictest in the world when it comes to privacy and security of data. Even the backups, which are stored in a secured data center, are subject to strict legal regulations. The security of the data is subject to the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (DSG) and is beyond every Intelligence Agency. So you can be sure that no one can force the publication of your data.

  • Clear and simple

    Our pricing model is totally flexible. Simply select the number of users and features you want to use in the future. Of course, you can always extend your package to include additional users and functionality. Even an individual offer for larger customers is possible. Those who join us until 30 May 2016 as a new customer save 50 percent monthly fee costs in the first year.

Our Guarantee

Save your DATA in SWISS SECURIUM, and we guarantee that no one can view your documents and confidential data. Everything is end-to-end encrypted to the highest standards. So you can be sure that NO unauthorized user can access your valuable information.

Gain an absolutely safe feeling thanks to our comfortable user friendly Apps. The platform SWISS SECURIUM is your safe place for all the documents and confidential information.

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